Mobility has brought the entire world within the purview of our handheld phones. From consulting a doctor to getting MRI reports, from ordering food to fixing yoga appointments at home, there is not one thing that we cannot do with our mobile phone today. By providing instant services and options at any time and anywhere, mobility has made our lives smoother and swifter in an extremely cost-effective way. Our cell-phones have become our personal electronic assistants. You just need to perform some clicks. And There You Go!

Eventually, people are getting more and more connected to each other and to the Internet. For marketers, it’s a new dimension to reach people easily if they have a proper mobile strategy. On the other hand, It’s a new threat to them who don’t have a right mobile platform and strategy. They are more prone to lose the huge customer while their competitors are reaching to the mobile customers aggressively.

With mobility, the world is experiencing vast evolution across varied subjects and disciplines.

Mobility and Health

Revolution in mobility has created a huge opportunity for the industry leaders to redefine the healthcare services and make them more efficient and cost-effective. We can get health information through our mobile phones through numerous health websites and mobile apps. Patients can get online consultations using their mobile phones from remote doctors using telemedicine facilities. Tele ICU facilities have integrated ICU systems with doctor’s mobile phone. Mobility has also made purchasing medicines easier by the simple uploading of prescriptions and getting the medicines delivered accordingly.

Mobility and Transport:

Technology dreams to witness a future with driver-less automated cars and buses, where the cars can get instantly integrated with our mobile phones. The cars may even detect heavy traffic areas and decide a traffic -free route to the destination by taking instructions from the commuter’s cell phone.

Mobility and Classrooms:

Classrooms are shifting from manual to digital at a very fast pace. The coming days may see highly optimized Wi-fi enabled classrooms with interactive software at every desk. By employing technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, mobility is definitely paving way for smarter and highly customized classrooms, making learning more interesting and engrossing.

Mobility and Retail:

More than 75% of the consumers do a research on the internet before they purchase products or services. About 55% of them use their cell phone for research. The future smart stores may have product locating facilities, wherein the customer may select a product in her cell phone and get its exact location inside the store. Or busy schedules do not always allow us to visit market places for all our needs and wants. Mobile phones provide the best alternatives at such times.

Mobility and Finance:

Fintech services enable management of assets and automation of insurance and payment through mobiles, tablets and computers by using advanced technologies like Machine Learning. More and more mobile wallets are coming up, offering better money-saving options and rewards like points and cash backs. Banks have come up with their mobile apps using which we can create accounts, transfer funds, check balance, avail bank offers, etc.

Other than these sectors, mobility has vast applications in fields like travel, media, airlines, etc. We are living in a time where we wake up to our mobile alarms, scroll through the news apps to get the latest headlines, plan out the latest activities by fetching the best information on the web, get out for an interview and track the office using mobile location services, get the offer letter right in the mail app, plan out a family dinner in the best hotel in town- all through our mobile phone.

Intelebee has successfully implemented many mobility solutions using advanced technologies and smart strategies to provide best outcomes with every click.Our mobile solution team is highly experienced in business solutions for different industries. The solutions we provide addresses both enterprise and customer-related challenges and opportunities to drive business transformation through mobility. Our team has a high level of domain expertise in building mobility solutions for different industries which are mentioned below-


  • Healthcare (Case history 1, Case history 2)
  • Social payments (Case history 1)
  • Business automation (Case history 1)
  • Social network (Case history 1)
  • Communication (Case history 1)
  • Financial services (Case history 1)
  • E-learning and school management
  • Hospitality (Case history 1, Case history 2)
  • Technology (Case history 1, Case history 2, Case history 3)


We work for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. For iOS, we use both Objective C and Swift. We like that Swift adopts safe programming patterns and adds modern features to make programming easier, more flexible, and more fun. In case of Android, we work mainly in Java and LUA(on Corona).

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