Internet of Things

The world is moving beyond isolated devices. We are running into a new era where almost all the devices worldwide will be connected. The age of Internet ubiquity has arrived. Internet of Things (IoT) is basically going to take over every aspect of our lives which includes homes, offices, cars and to some extent even our bodies. It will help in boosting the structural changes in the global economy and can help any country to grow into a much stronger country. Needless to say that the hype that is ongoing around the topic is a behemoth. As the IoT will progress, human to device interaction will become lesser and machine to device interaction will grow.

Smart devices, commonly called as ‘Connected Devices’ are designed with the only thought that they can capture and utilize every bit of data that we share in everyday life and the beauty is that everything will happen internally with minimalistic interaction from human beings. The main aim of implementing IoT is to connect all the devices to a common platform from where they can interact with each other. By 2020, the amount of Internet-connected things will reach 50 billion, with $19 trillion in profits and cost savings coming from IoT over the next decade, according to Cisco Systems.Connected homes will be a huge part of the Internet of Things. By 2019, companies will ship 1.9 billion connected home devices, bringing in about $490 billion in revenue. There are many trends that are following the path of IoT and it is expected that there will a hike in data analysis by 15%. The main use of IoT comes from cloud computing where the data is stored over the clouds and not in general hard drives so even if the company faces any technical issues, their data will remain secure and it can be retrieved from any part of the world whenever they wish to. Also, the data analyzed over the cloud are much faster than normal data analysis.

IoT coupled with 5G telecom network promises to deliver high-speed data in the coming future with minimal ping and also offer constant performance. The proposed speed is of 20 Gbits/sec. With IoT, Machine Learning will be implemented where everything will be processed on the basis of the situation or behavior based on knowledge by using patterns to find any solution to a given problem.

The IoT is the next generation of evolution. The emergence of new technologies will help it grow at a much faster rate and also help in improving many aspects of our lives so that everyone can work in a hassle-free manner. In the coming years, IoT will prove to play a vital role in everyone’s life which will not be limited to only offices and homes but will spread in the entire city and this will bring structural changes in the global economy.

Intelebee and IoT

At Intelebee, we can build your IOT product from the ground, using our custom Embedded Simple Framework (SF) or using a more capable OS such as Embedded Linux® and Arduino. Using our in-house software library of proven modules and designs, we can rapidly develop your product, irrespective of whether you are looking for a proof-of-concept prototype or a ready-to-manufacture design. We are experienced in wide range of microprocessor and micro-controllers.

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