Cloud Transition

If you have any legacy system it is always advisable to shift it to the cloud. This transition needs analysis, planning, deployment and monitoring. Our Cloud Transition Service (CTS) is designed to provide end to end solution to the businesses for the transition. Intelebee’s Cloud Advisory services ascertain a strong groundwork for your cloud enterprise. Our step-by-step methodology comprises of the subsequent services:

Cloud Fitness and Roadmap Generation

Not everything is intended for the cloud. We look into the business processes and identify good cloud migration contenders. These are the ones that need major investment to preserve and grow in-house, but are easier to migrate to the cloud.

Architecture Analysis

Cloud architectures need a special approach for setting up native applications and for integrating present ones. Our cloud experts make reference architectures and procedures that give greater certainty and power.

IT Optimization

We take a comprehensive look at your existing infrastructure, including legacy technologies and systems, and present cost-effective options.

TCO, Security and Compliance

We assess the sensitivity of the information that may move to the cloud. To make sure fulfillment with industry and government policies, we also point security safeguards that must be put in place and integrate with your current rules.

SaaS Selection and Strategy

From the many SaaS services obtainable in the cloud, we examine the best alternative so that you make a knowledgeable judgment that best suits your requirements. When you are prepared, we assist your evolution to multi-tenancy, subscription-based billing and construct a SaaS front-end with nominal re-engineering.

Cloud Maintenance

We have a strong Server maintenance team who has vast experience in managing complex cloud architecture with multiple instances. Starting from deployment to sudden server issues, we handle everything.

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